Support / Repairs

Our Services


….. we have the technical infrastructure and knowledge to offer:

  • Study, dimensioning, selection, proposal and procurement of Power Supply Systems for particular specifications of application and usage, as well as their management monitoring and control of these systems.
  • Training for the use and operation of the units that running in our customers’ facilities. Organization of educational seminars for technician teams, intracompany, on the Power-Supply Systems subject. (AC & DC UPSs, DC/DC inverters, battery chargers, DC/AC Inverters and industrial batteries).
  • Technical Support Contracts, (Contracts for prudential and reconstructive maintenance). Maintenance during the operation of systems by signing maintenance contracts or after a phonecall from the Client.
  • Repairing of Power Supply Systems. Our specialized technicians undertake estimation and offer repairs for the equipment.
  • Technical advice, suggestions for improvements to existing and, or systems that will be bought.
  • Availability and supply of spare parts for all our products.
  • Disposal of specialized equipment and technicians to perform tests in the field, (Certified measuring instruments and testers).
  • Visits for inspection, diagnosis, repair on-site, and deliveries for repairs in our facilities.
  • 24hours, 365 days phone support with immediate technical support.