PowerServices technicians have long term experience, suitable technical training and education on the manufacturers` systems, in order to be able to support securely, installations with great requirements.

More specifically we provide:

  • Recording of the needs and requirements at the installation site in order to make a proposal for the right equipment at a low cost.
  • Delivery, installation, start-up and testing of the power supply systems, according to the applicable Greek, European and International standards.
  • Installation and preventive-reconstructive maintenance of the power supply systems, (AC/AC UPSs, DC/DC UPSs, DC/DC inverters, industrial batteries etc), which are installed by our company, with a simple call from our customer or through a maintenance contract.
  • Installation and maintenance of industrial batteries, faults diagnosis, repairs and provision of the expected lifetime. Autonomy tests for battery strings, using portable advanced control instruments based on micro-proccesor as well as test loads. References with the measurements the requirements and our suggestions together with precise instructions for improvements. We also provide collection and recycling of old batteries.
  • Installation of equipment for the measurement of the quality of the power supply.
  • Installation of software applications for log, monitoring and managing of power supply systems and their supported loads.
  • Educating and keep updated the users, on the operation of the equipment.
  • Delivery of manufacturer Instructions, certification and technical datasheets with log entries and suggestions.