About us

PowerServices Company supports Greek and the nearest countries market of power supply and energy storage equipment with a different approach and totally new ideas. The company`s personnel originates from the field of sales and the technical support of conversion systems and energy storage, which gives them significant experience on the field. The company operates since late 1997 as a specialized associate, providing and supporting power supplied systems. Its professionalism, the absence of a similar approach in the market, the excellent relations with its Customers, its organization, as well as the stability in the selection of its suppliers all these years, has establish Powerservices company in the choices of its Customers and the Suppliers. 




We are always trying to keep the company strong and versatile, capable of supporting reliably and competitively its Partners-Customers choices, for the mutual benefit of All.
In a few words our goal is the following:

    “Timely delivery of the proper and qualitative power supplied equipment in the lowest possible price, supported by an experienced and properly trained technical support department.”

We are certain that you will find this new approach of PowerServices, in the power-supplied systems market, intriguing.




PowerServices implements the certified management system, ISO9001: 2008.